Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Politics Of Victimization (Or How To Get Paid In 21st Century America)

Everyone wants to belong to something, whether it’s a family, fraternity, sorority, club, or team. It’s only human nature to want to fit in somewhere, and be with people that share your beliefs, ideals, or enthusiasms. We all want to feel that sense of belonging… no one really wants to be alone do they?

One group I have no desire to be a part of is the ever-growing and always trendy subculture of “victims”. It’s cool to be a victim, that way you can always blame someone else for all of your problems. Victims are alleviated from responsibility. They can act with impunity (they think); their actions are only a result of events that they have no control over. The victim creed… “It’s not my fault”.

Many victims are taught at a young age that they are not expected to achieve, that they will follow a generational path of apathy and accept the fact that the pathway to success, for whatever reason, has been denied them. They are taught not to improve their situation through education and hard work, but to use their victim status to demand special treatment and to obtain money, goods or services because they are victims and can not be expected to help themselves. To buck that system invites the scorn and derision of the very group that they were born into, and everyone wants to belong.

The 21st century victim paradigm:

Race/Class/Gender = Money/Goods/ Services

Usually you only have to meet one of the qualifiers in the race/class/gender model to be a good victim candidate.

It’s really all so simple; align yourself with a victims group and hope that you can organize, publicize and exploit enough guilt from the American public or some organization or company, to get paid. If a picture is worth a thousand words, the perception of victimization is potentially worth millions of dollars. Good luck.

Race baiters like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have turned victimization into
a profitable venture…they are entrepreneurial victim’s advocates. Jackson bastardized MLK’s dream and traded integrity for cash… extorting guilt funds from corporations to line his own pockets. Sharpton is a buffoon, indulged by politicos when it serves their needs. They use him as evidence of their racial tolerance, and he uses them to get his face on TV allowing him to pretend he has some kind of legitimate agenda. If either one of these individuals was Asian, Indian or Caucasian, they would be forced to seek other employment …can you imagine a Japanese Jesse? It won’t work when plugged into the formula.

A quick review of the Duke lacrosse case demonstrates the race/class/gender political equation at work:

Minority female sex worker accuses three Caucasian males of brutally raping her at a team party.

• Financially challenged minority female = automatic and unassailable victim status
• Caucasian male athlete (from wealthy family) attending elite university = guilty

This was a no-brainer for the MSM, Jackson or Sharpton. Once you apply the individuals to the race/class/gender formula, there can be only one result. These young men were publicly vilified by the DA, the press and a large part of the Duke faculty (Group of 88- full time, professional victims). The race/class/gender equation proved their guilt, it was inconceivable that a drug addicted prostitute with a criminal record and a history of mental problems could have made the whole thing up in some ill conceived plot to obtain victim’s comp.

The charges were eventually dropped, the woman exposed as a delusional fraud, but she did receive a limited amount of (pseudo) victim compensation. Jesse showed up and promised to pay for her college education from his vast pool of extortion money, (it doesn’t bother him that she lied, why should it? It’s not his money anyway). Further proof of the benefits of being perceived as a victim is the fact that the woman will not be charged with any crime – victims don’t have to follow the same laws that apply to everyone else.

Politicians love victims and sometimes can claim victim status. Al Gore is in this category, having wrestled defeat from the jaws of victory in the 2000 presidential election. Al is now basking in the accolades heaped upon him for representing possibly the leading victim of all time, Mother Earth. Gore has an Oscar, a movie; a book, a concert event, and possibly a Nobel prize for making sure we all know that he is certain man-made global warming is victimizing our planet. Quite the turn around for Mr. Gore…see, just find your victim and run with it!

Hillary Clinton and her campaign managers have this all figured out. Her campaign has seized upon last week’s cleavage remarks to paint Hillary as a victim. This feigned fury was quickly put to good use on the internet when her campaign used the cleavage incident to ask for more money. Money makes victims feel better, and don’t you feel better after giving money to a victim? Hillary certainly hopes so.

In todays hyper- sensitive, politically correct society, almost any remark or action can be considered offensive by someone. It’s chic to be offended, to present oneself as a victim. Not only will people like you, (everyone is nice to a victim, it violates PC etiquette to confront them), but you may even profit from it.

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