Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Politics of Fear

A great American once said "Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety". However, in light of today's political climate we are all going to be forced into giving up our liberties and rights as Americans in one form or another. It does not matter which political ideology one follows. Our politics have gone from great parliamentarians that worked compromises to benefit the country as a whole to a country where the politicians divide a great nation. The politicians of today rule out of fear. There is the fear of terrorism, the fear of global warming, the fear of higher taxes, the fear of guns, the fear of free trade, and the fear of health care amongst others. Both political parties are promoting the politics of fear to get elected in 2008. No matter which candidate wins the next presidential election, we will have rights and liberties infringed upon. We could lose the right to bear arms, the right to privacy, and the right to free thinking. Our politicians no longer talk about issues that will benefit the citizens as a whole. They no longer talk about issues facing middle America. Both political parties would ensure dissenting viewpoints are stamped out. Our politics has turned from being a place to deliberate and find compromise that is in the best interest of the country. Both parties have turned toward the view "my way or the highway". All of the politicians have passed the blame on the other party for the failures of our government. Our politicians no longer govern for the people but rather for the special interest groups. Economic collapse, global warming doom and gloom, foreign relations nightmare, and other political buzzwords have taken the place of such buzzwords as hope and prosperity. The career politicians just run on the people's fears in order to produce a 51% majority. Once elected with the 51% majority these same career politicians start campaigning for the next election cycle and yet another 51% majority. These political parties are no longer representative of middle American but rather representative of the fringes of society. Our government does not govern from the middle for the benefit of all but rather govern from the fringes for the benefit of the few (or the 51% of backers). The great divide in America is caused by the extremists in both parties. Moderates are crushed and forced to follow party lines. This is a philosophy that will destroy the American dream.

Thus far in this election cycle I have found only two presidential candidates from either party that speak to moderates and middle of America. First there is Joseph Biden. Mr. Biden is speaking from experience and talks about legislative successes. He speaks from the heart when he talks about our country's responsibilities in Iraq. He understands what ails America and seem to be rather moderate in his views. The second candidate is Ron Paul. Mr. Paul is a libertarian running as a Republican. Mr. Paul promotes fiscal responsibility and social liberties. He is against higher taxes, bigger government, entitlement programs and other governmental excesses. However, neither of these candidates is gaining much national attention. The MSM has anointed Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John Edwards as the standards bearers for the Democratic party and Rudolph Giuliani, Fred Thompson, and John McCain as the standard bearers for the Republican party. In all likelihood two of these six individuals will be chosen to square off against each other for the prize of biggest fear mongerer. All six of these candidates have pandered to any group that they believe will gain them the 51% majority. Moving towards the party extremes will leave the middle unrepresented.

I am waiting for another independent run at the presidency. In my belief if an independent is ever going to win the presidency, 2008 will be the year. America is looking for a correction. We are a Nation that is on the wrong track. However, lurching towards the left or solidifying the religious right is not the correction we are looking for. The middle is not looking for a change that will move the country radically. We are looking for a change that will unite America. The country is looking to move the country more towards the middle. America has issues and problems. However, under the leadership of a centrist the politics of fear will diminish. When our government no longer rules out of fear but rather for the country America will again be a country united. With a united and orderly America we will not forsake our liberties. A united America will again become the envy of the world.

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