Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Major Blow for the Left

The Main Stream Media was disappointed yesterday. They demanded that President Bush answer questions surrounding the Alberto Gonzales resignation. However, the president announced that a major development occurred in Iraq. The Iraqi's announced that a compromise on the debaathification process in Iraq was reached and would be presented to the Iraqi Parliament. This is a major breakthrough and represents a move forward for the Iraqi people. This compromise is representative of a country struggling through its infancy. The going has been tough and the civil strife in Iraq is high. However, by reaching an agreement and presenting this sweeping reform to the Parliament is a historic step towards establishing an effective democracy.

This law is a problem for the Liberal left. This is yet another sign that the current strategy of providing security and space for the Iraqi government to operate is working. It has been slow and tedious at times but this sweeping law is representative of what may happen. The far left extremes and even the Democratic Party have staked their existence on an American defeat in Iraq. The MSM would not even provide limited exposure to this major development. This development is one of the 18 major benchmarks the Democrats decided must be worked towards and met in order continue receiving support from America. The MSM has failed its responsibility by refusing to pay any attention to this major development.

The MSM is a failure. There is a reason why the American public trusts the military commanders more than the MSM. It is because the military tries to report on facts as they see them. The military is not pushing a political agenda. The MSM is a major propaganda machine for the liberal left. It will always report "Bad News" from Iraq. The MSM will sensationalize setbacks in Iraq. The MSM will always back the extreme left side of any issue and ignore anything from the right. "Good News" from Iraq is non existent in the MSM. To the MSM good news is not news. To the MSM only bad news will sell. This my friends is yellow journalism. What a shame. The MSM has decided that a major defeat is the only way forward in Iraq. Please turn the propaganda machine off and tell the whole story. Americans demand truth from their media outlets.

Media Ignores Major Iraqi Benchmark Accomplishment

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