Saturday, August 4, 2007

Left Wing Radicals

The Democratic Presidential hopefuls all decided against attending the moderate left of center Democratic Leadership Council a couple of weeks ago. They all decided that they did not have to attend because of other pressing campaign issues. However, they all decided that in order to shore up their base they would move towards the radical left wing of the party. All of the major Democratic hopefuls are attending a convention put on by the most left leaning hate organization in the country. The daily KOS is a special interest group that represents the far extremes of the left sided issues. They publish posts daily that are hate filled. The progressive left propaganda is supposed to be open minded and tolerant of dissenting viewpoints. However, they have had a disrespectful, hateful, and despicable picture showing Senator Lieberman on his knees in front of President Bush displayed prominently on the daily KOS website for over a year. The liberals and democratic party are supposed to espouse viewpoints that recognize opposing viewpoints. However, they only want opposing viewpoints discussed that fit into their narrow minded transactional viewpoints. The Daily Kos as an organization is worse than the far right hate groups. At least the far right hate groups let the public know they are hate groups.

It is understandable that every society has extremists groups. The main difference between the far left extremist groups like the Daily Kos and the far right extremists groups is that the Republican party does not attend conventions put on by the far right extremist groups while the Democratic party not only attends the far left extremist groups they also defend the hate filled extremist groups. Senator Dodd actually told Bill O'Reilly that the only reason he did not like the Daily Kos is because of the political viewpoint. I say no. It is not about politics and political viewpoints but rather about human decency. Many people disagree with political views but as adults we usually all agree to disagree and have good political debate. However, by pandering to hate groups our Democratic party is sending the message that hate is OK as long as it divides the country and gets them elected.

The fact of the matter is that it does not matter what part of the political spectrum average Americans come from. What matters is that hate groups are put in their place and left at the fringes of society. By attending hate convention the democratic party is supporting hate and pandering to the fringes of society. The democratic party is providing the fringes with a voice and telling everyone that it is OK to hate as long as it follows their philosophy and gets them elected. What a shame.

Check out the disrespect shown to our uniformed soldiers by the left wing hate group.

Kos censors soldier

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