Friday, August 31, 2007


Political leaders are supposed to be just that; leaders. However, our career politicians have become nothing more than followers. Today Senator Harry Reid announced that he is willing to compromise and talk to the Republicans. Harry Reid said that he understands that there are other ideas about the war and that Congress should not make the Iraq war a Democrat versus Republican issue. Where in the world did that come from? Just a short 5 months ago Harry Reid said that the war was lost. America was defeated and needed to immediately withdraw from Iraq with its tail between its legs. In July Harry Reid staged a political show in the US Senate. He made the Senate stay in session all night in a grandstanding effort to point out the difference between the two parties. All Summer Harry Reid said he was going to continue to make the Republicans vote against the withdrawal effort to highlight the differences. Now after the August recess Harry Reid went back to Washington with a conciliatory tone. One must question why the change of heart. Is this a display of leadership? Is this an effort to reconcile differences? Or is this more political pandering from a career politician incapable of providing direction?

Harry Reid supported the go to war effort. He voted for the resolution authorizing the use of force. This happened when 70 percent of the American people supported the war. Later, when the anti-war crowd grew in strength Harry Reid became an opponent to the war. Harry Reid claimed that he was fooled by the Bush Administration even though he had access to the same intelligence reports that the Executive office had access to. When the hard line "netroots" claimed responsibility for the turnover of power in Congress, Harry Reid went as far as saying the US has "lost" the war and it was time to withdraw. Today Harry Reid has again changed his position. Today he tried to claim he would like to see compromise. What happened today to make him change his mind. Could it be the polls that show Congress has a 22 percent approval rating? Could it be that a recent poll shows 54 percent of the American public believes we are making progress? Could it be that recent poll shows 42 percent of the public thinks the US was correct in engaging Iraq?

This is another example of the floundering Democratic party that has no Ideas. Most of the leading Democrats are not leaders. Most of the leading Democrats are followers. As polls shift so do the stances of our politicians. None of our politicians have vision. They follow the lead of emotional opinion polls. This is not what is needed by our government. Our political leaders need to lead by example and sway public opinion. Politicians need to develop real ideas and real plans and present them to the American public for approval. We do not need politicians that lag behind the American public. The American public will always have opinions and those opinions will change overtime. Sometimes these opinions will change rapidly. We do not need reactive leaders that are always behind. We need leadership that will stay out front and prevent issues from developing in the first place. A leader will change direction when needed. A leader will listen to advice and perhaps even consult opinion polls for data. This however, does not provide an excuse for following rather than leading. Leaders will always lead. Leaders are often faced with unpopular decisions. It is a responsibility of leaders provide direction and leaders must not change positions just because the mood has changed and the going gets tough. Following opinion polls due to a lack of initiative and ideas is just another reason why all career politicians must go home. America needs to use the inherent term limits in our form of government. Please use the power of the vote and vote against all of the incumbents. Place America first and vote for candidates that understand leadership and place the needs of America first. Career politicians place their own self esteem needs ahead of the country. There is a reason why the American citizenry believes America is on the wrong track. It is because our elected leaders no longer represent the people. Career politicians represent themselves and will do or say anything for reelection. Returning America to a prosperous Nation will begin when we decide it is time for the career politicians to return home.

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