Saturday, August 11, 2007

Internet Killed The Video Star

Some people yearn for the days when television and print media were the only sources of news and information. These people are of course, those employed in the television and print media industries. For decades these individuals wielded almost unlimited power, that elite group decided what was newsworthy, what was important, and they also decided how to report it.

News anchors became celebrities, drawing huge salaries to read teleprompters, look good and feign intelligence. These vapid talking heads continue to pollute the airwaves of America with their inane, slanted commentary disguised as news…but they are floundering.A recent Pew Research poll reveals that "people who rely on the internet as their main news source express relatively unfavorable opinions of mainstream news sources and are among the most critical of press performance". These people also tend to be better educated and younger than the majority of the viewing public and represent a quarter of all Americans.

Network news is quickly becoming an anachronism, disconnected and out of place in present day America, dedicated not to reporting events but to promoting an agenda. The multi-millionaire anchors eagerly latching on to any trendy, chic, or politically correct topic that attracts their interest and then presenting it as a subject of importance to an ever shrinking viewing audience.

NBC, CBS, and ABC count on the gullibility and laziness of the viewing public to keep their evening news programs in the black. These networks also rely heavily on the transference theory, the idea that beliefs, opinions and habits are transferred between generations. The nightly news was once a staple of American society. When Dad came home from work “The Andy Griffith Show”, “Leave It To Beaver” or “Gilligan’s Island” was switched off…the hilarious Barney Fife gave way to the gravely serious Walter Cronkite and the CBS Evening News.

These days when Mom or Dad come home from work, they rarely go to the television to view one the big three’s news programs. Through internet, Pod casts, or 24 hour news channel, they are already up to date on the news events and topics that interest them. Time to watch “American Idol”, cruise the internet and eat take-out. Katie, Brian and Charles are increasingly unheard entities, with little or no relevance in modern society.

We will all be better off once the networks realize this fact and remove these self-important, overpaid, and opinionated windbags from the television landscape. To paraphrase Shakespeare, evening news truly has become “…a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing”. Thank you Bard.

I’m The Lizard, and that’s the way it is, Saturday August 11th 2007.

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