Monday, August 27, 2007

Illegal [?] Immigration

Seems that Bernard Shaw, formerly of CNN, has this immigration thing all figured out. If you have problems with people coming into the US and bypassing the legal immigration process, you are a racist.

Shaw states, "Look at the immigration battle right now. We have about 13 million people who have been living in this country for years, raising their children, educating them, and there's actually an argument about whether they should be here. They are here, and they are a vital part of the American fabric.

"The battle is never won. There are some people who still believe that people of color are not needed in this country. And yet people of color have been the essence of this country since its beginning. So there's a great education requirement, and all of us are educators and we're going to make this country work."

It’s like saying people who are skeptical about global warming hate the planet.

I would really like to know who, besides some radical hate groups, think people of color are not needed in this country. We are all “people of color”, every single one of us, the ethnic diversity of America is what makes it so great. No other nation in history has successfully absorbed such a wide mix of ethnicities and enjoyed the freedoms and level of prosperity that we have had during the last 231 years.

News flash for Bernie, this country does work, and will continue to do so.

Now using Shaw’s flawed logic, if I stole a car five years ago, but have had no moving violations or traffic infractions and then the DMV or police discover that I stole said vehicle, I should not only be granted amnesty, but also be allowed to keep the car, because it’s been in my driveway for years, and it’s a vital part of the fabric of my life.

Mr. Shaw employs a time-tested strategy. When you have nothing to support your views, no logic behind your arguments, throw out the "R" word and hope people cave.

Nice try Bernie...but most Americans have stopped listening to race-baiters like you.

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