Friday, August 10, 2007

Global Warming Hoax?

The media has placed great emphasis on the effects of global warming lately. The heat wave across the country is a sign of global warming. The bridge collapse in Minneapolis is blamed on global warming. The floods in Great Britain, the heat wave in Southern Europe, and the increased intensity of hurricanes have all recently been blamed on global warming. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration claimed 1998 was the warmest year on record. Recently, supporters of global warming including Dr. Heidi Cullen (climatologist for the weather channel) have castigated opponents who say that global warming is being oversold. One global warming advocate has even offered a $100,000 reward to anyone that can prove global warming. The alarmists would have many Americans believing impending disaster is on the doorsteps. However, a responsible society needs all of the information to make intelligent decisions. While the alarmists have attempted to silence opposing views here are some harsh realities that cast doubt on the alarmists:

1. Blogger finds Y2k bug in NASA data.

2. Roy Spencer UAH Scientist and Researcher disputes Global Warming Cloud Theory.

3. Latest Scientific Data Suggests Greenland Glaciers Expanding Not Melting.

The MSM has continuously blamed global warming for every weather related event this entire summer. Certainly odd is how the MSM blamed the tragic bridge collapse in Minneapolis on global warming. However, nowhere in the MSM is an article found that refutes the global warming alarmists. Perhaps that is why global warming alarmists are finding so little traction. The alarmists are trying to prove their point by shouting louder and utilizing the great American MSM spin machine. It has become fashionable to blame CO2 emissions and energy requirements for the ills facing the nation. However, just blaming climate conditions on global alarming without hard science creates a problem.

Man is definitely affecting the environment. It would be irresponsible to believe that human excesses are not effecting the environment. However, we need valid studies that probe for answers. We require facts pertaining to causes and effects. Political and fashionable rhetoric is no substitution for factual evidence and research. What are the MSM and global alarmists trying to hide? Why would they want to silence dissent? True problems will have supporting evidence without having to silencing critics or resorting to shouting louder than the opponents. The alarmists should calm down and make a case with whatever evidence and research they have. The MSM should report all available facts without adding their overvalued and biased opinion. The alarmists and MSM look rather foolish when they make unsubstantiated wild accusations that are refuted by scientific evidence.

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