Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Global Warming and the Final Frontier

Recently our space shuttles have had problems associated with the insulting foam on the shuttles. Columbia was a disaster created when the insulating foam broke free and damaged the heat protecting tiles. This tragedy cost the lives of all seven astronauts on board. Today the space shuttle Endeavor has experienced similar problems. There is a deep gouge in the heat shielding tiles. The National Aeronautics Space Administration is deciding the fate of the Endeavor astronauts. NASA has developed three plans to repair the damaged tiles however, all three methods have flaws. The fate is in the hands of NASA engineers. If nothing is done Endeavor's fate could be sealed during re-entry just as Columbia's fate was determined when nothing was done. The repairs are dangerous and again put the lives of the astronauts at great risk. This is a sorry state of affairs. The fate of our astronauts in the final frontier is being determined by the damaged caused by insulting foam that has already been proven to be dangerous.

Environmental concerns prompted NASA to alter the foam from a freon based foam to a more environmental friendly non freon based foam. This new environmental foam caused 11 times more damage than the freon based foam caused. The freon based foam was banned during by the biggest global alarmist of all, Al Gore. The EPA regulations that banned this foam were enacted under the direction of the Clinton administration. The EPA refused to provide an exemption to NASA even though the new material caused more damage and placed the lives of our generation's explorers at a much greater risk. The global warming alarmists have absolutely gone to far. We should not knowingly place anyone at risk for the sake of a few votes from the global warming alarmists. At a minimum an exemption should have been allowed until NASA found a better insulting foam. It is obvious that this current foam does not work and it is placing our country's explorers at great risk. It was always a proud moment watching these launches. I personally watched in horror when the first shuttle (Challenger) accident happened in 1986. The shock of the Columbia disaster leaves one to wonder. However, when the same problem rears its ugly head and then to find out that this is a known problem just makes my stomach turn. The politics of fear are ruling the day and ruining America.

Never in the issue of global warming has there been open and honest debate. The results of testing conducted by both proponents and opponents yields only the results the researcher intends. The results are skewed to provide "proof" one side is right. As I said in an earlier article there is no doubt human excesses have created environmental issues. However, putting political gain ahead of honest debate and worse yet ahead of the lives of true American heroes is an outrage.

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