Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Censure Resolutions and the Disingenuous Congress

The resolutions involving the censuring of the President, Vice President, and Attorney General are very disturbing. The democrats appear to be guilty of political pandering and are being very disingenuous. The democrat led congress has two pending censure resolutions. The first resolution states the Executive office misled the nation regarding the threat posed by Saddam Hussein as well as misled links between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda, did not plan adequately for the war, and misled the nation about the strength of the insurgency. These are accusations based on Monday morning quarterbacking. First of all it was an evenly split Senate that voted overwhelmingly to approve the resolution to send combat troops. There is a foreign intelligence committee in the Senate. It may be convenient for the leading democratic senators to claim they did not read the intelligence reports, or that they would not have voted for the resolution if they knew then what they know now, but that will not change the fact that they had the same intelligence that the President had when the decision was made. There are known ties between Al Qaeda and Iraq prior to the war. In the summer of 2002 the original leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi settled in northern Iraq. Bottom line with this hypocritical point is that there were significant ties to Al Qaeda and the misleading of the threat posed by Saddam Hussein is nothing more than Monday Morning Quarterbacking.

The second point is that the administration did not adequately plan for the war. I have to disagree with this point. There were Iraq war plans on the books every year since the early 1990’s. These plans were worked on by the first Bush presidency, the Clinton presidency, and the start of the second Bush presidency. Again it is disingenuous to suggest that the planning was inadequate. One has to admit that the war was poorly prosecuted and certain assumptions were wrong. The Bush administration believed the Iraqi’s were ready to free themselves of a brutal tyrant. Unfortunately, the Iraqi’s were not ready to welcome the US as liberators. However, the administration is not guilty of inadequate planning. They may have underestimated the resolve of the extremists in the region but the plans were in place for well over a decade.

The third point in the resolution is that the administration misled the nation about the strength of the insurgency. Again this is disingenuous. It is difficult if not impossible to judge insurgent strength. After Saddam was toppled a great power vacuum was created. There were many factions vying for power. The average Iraqi’s were more afraid of the insurgents and Al Qaeda then they were of the US. Political correctness forced the US to take a defensive position. The military leaders were unable to determine friend or foe. This happens in the fog of war.

This first censure resolution is nothing more than a political strategy to deny responsibility, pass blame, and pander to the democratic extreme left wing party base. If congress wants to reprimand, condemn, or rebuke anyone it should be themselves first. Congress approved the legislation. Congress followed the polls and passed a resolution that was popular with the citizens. Now that popular support has shifted towards the anti-war sentiment the weak Democratic leadership is trying to pass the blame solely on the Bush administration and deny their own involvement.

No one wants a war. It is an inhumane act. However, it is disingenuous for the Democratic Party to run away from their own vote. The congress is trying to deny any responsibility. Unfortunately, both the congress and the Bush administration are responsible for the Iraq war. This censure measure is nothing more than a strategy to shore up the party base and mislead many centrist independent voters.

The second censure resolution nothing more than political grandstanding. In this measure the democrats are going on record as condemning the patriot act which many incumbent congressional members voted for. The resolution also condemns the wiretapping that was conducted. However, this congress just passed legislation that approves of the wiretapping that was conducted and even goes further than the President requested. Who are the Democrats trying to fool?

This is the worst congress I have ever had to endure. This congress has been unable to accomplish anything significant. The only issue they have is the unpopular war and an unpopular president. The democratic leadership has no ideas, no direction, and a 3% approval rating on their handling of the Iraq war. It is high time this congress realizes they are inadequate. Both political parties have bankrupted American society. There are no morals or ethics shown by the career politicians. The problem is that political office is their job. They are not in office to work for the people. They are in office fill some psychological void.

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