Friday, August 3, 2007

Career Corruption

In the last week House Speaker Nancy Pelosi claimed credit for the huge ethics bill the house passed. Democratic Senators such as Dianne Feinstein and Russ Feingold hailed it as sweeping legislation that would change the way of politics. Feingold actually said "the bill must be considered landmark legislation." However, what they did not tell you is that the final bill stripped many of the tough points. The points that would have indeed changed politics in a positive manner. The following tough points that the senate passed are gone in the final bill:

1. Prohibition against Senators trading earmarks for votes
2. Prohibition against Senators from promoting earmarks that would financially benefit themselves, their immediate family, their staff, a [sic] their staff's immediate family.
3. Allows the Senate parliamentarian to determine compliance with the new earmark disclosure rule.
4. Prohibition of consideration of bills, joint resolutions, and conference reports if earmarks are not disclosed.
5. Requires earmarks attached to a conference report to be publicly available on the Internet in a search able format 48 hours before consideration.
6.Requires 67 votes to suspend the earmark disclosure rule
7. Requires a full day's notice prior to attempting to suspend the earmark disclosure rule.
8. Requires all earmark certifications from Senators to be posted on the Internet within 48 hours after an earmark is placed into legislation or its accompanying report.

The failure to pass these points in the final bill makes the ethics bill that passed a sign of the do-nothing congress.

This bill still allows Congressman Jack Murtha to funnel funds through a fictitious organization to his cronies. Jack Murtha still received over $150 million in pork spending in the defense budget. This bill allows Murtha to continue stealing taxpayer money and providing for family and friends. Another unethical Congressman had to pull three earmarks. Congressman Mollohan from West Virginia is under investigation for his "Cheat River" deal. The wall street journal reports that Mollohan has real estate and financial dealings that are directly tied to his earmark recipients.

Americans need to wake up. They are being bilked out of billions of dollars yearly by corrupt career politicians that are only interested in lining their pockets and getting re-elected. I would suggest voting all incumbents out of office. We need a new fresh crop of politicians that truly want to accomplish the business of the people. The current crop of corrupt politicians are in it solely for themselves, family, and friends. America has serious problems that need to be addressed. Not the least of which is career politicians and political corruption.

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