Monday, August 6, 2007

Blogger's Union?

Leave it to the left leaning bloggers to want to ruin the blogosphere. The innovators of the country started political blogs in the late 1990's. Most of the original political bloggers presented the conservative side of issues. When the copycat liberals noticed the potential influence in the blogoshere they started their own blog sites. Many of these liberal bloggers have banded together under the umbrella of the daily KOS and call themselves "netroots". Although the liberals (or self annoitted progressives)call themselves "netroots" in hopes of misleading others into thinking it was their idea, most free thinkers know it was the innovative right that started political blogs forming the "roots". The daily KOS is a special interest group that promotes the hate-flled extreme left side of issues. Now the liberal bloggers believe they need to form a labor union. They want a labor union governing free thinking. The liberal bloggers want to be able to get health insurance through a labor union for sitting down and writing opinions and also have the union establish "standards". This is ultimately a very bad idea. Labor Union representation would limit the work of free thinking Americans. Labor union representation would impose rules that bloggers would have to follow. This goes against the very ideals that brought the blogosphere into prominence in the first place. True bloggers desire a place to communicate ideas. The blogsphere has brought back the lost art of written communications. Unionization will ruin the blogosphere just like it ruined the American manufacturing base. It will impose rules that will limit free speech and free thought. A union will impose its will and ensure only the union ideals are brought forward. Typical of the left extremists: impose rules for their own benefit. Leave the unions out of the blogosphere and allow true free thinkers a place of our own.

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