Monday, July 30, 2007

Where's the Beef? Center left unattended

Everyone knows center America elects the President. The old saying is nominees run to the party bases in the nomination process and run for the middle in the general election. This is an issue that needs attention. Right now both political parties are trying to rally their extreme bases. The issues being addressed are not the mainstream issues that Americans are facing. Immigration and border control are a joke. Tort reform is required for any health care plan to be successful. Education reform needs to be addressed. However, both political parties do not take on the tough issues. They continuously pander to their bases until the general election comes around. Next summer all of the candidates will be espousing policies that betray their bases in an effort to fool the middle of who is best suited for President. The problem is that no one is looking out for the middle right now. The Democratic candidates are not even showing up the the Democratic Leadership Council. This council is a moderate, slightly left of center organization. This council is representative of many left leaning independents and moderate democrats.

Next summer the nominees will be stepping all over themselves trying to court the middle. Yet they do not know what is in the middle. No one will attend anything that is remotely centrist. Why should the moderates of the parties or the independent voters pay any attention to these candidates. The centrist's of America should band together and rally behind a candidate that has no ties or loyalties to the far extremes of the country. The middle needs to step up and find a candidate that has broad appeal to the center. It is time that we vote for a candidate that runs from the middle for the middle. Many elections in the past have come down to voting for the lessor of two evils. The two political extremes have divided this great nation. Both the liberal left and religious right have spoken loudly and gotten their candidate's elected. I believe it is high time that the middle got a voice and supported a candidate that will appeal to the middle. This candidate can add the beef and attend to the middle.

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