Sunday, July 15, 2007

Lions And Tigers And Liberal Bias In The Media – Oh My!

I can’t lie…. I enjoy the fact that Katie Couric is struggling and CBS Evening News is hemorrhaging viewers while going down like the Titanic. I can’t understand why anyone would even waste their time watching any network news, CBS, NBC, or ABC. They are dinosaurs on the brink of extinction.

Today’s technology allows us instant access to countless news sources via TV, internet, even cell phone. So why wait until 6 o’ clock for that stale network news program? The three stooges, (Katie, Brian and Charlie) are certainly no wealth of knowledge or information, no insightful views there, just one-sided, agenda - driven rhetoric disguised as news.

A recent survey shows that by an almost 2 to 1 margin, Americans believe that the three-network news shows display a liberal bias. This is probably not news to anyone with three or more functioning brain cells. NBC just committed an astounding 75 hours of coverage to the Live Earth concerts. Would they have done that if Al Gore weren’t involved? Of course not. Interviewed by Ann Curry afterward, she practically begged Gore to run in 2008. Gore is another liberal media darling, much like Michael Moore and Cindy Sheehan in years past. The media seem to have forgiven him for his loss to Bush in 2000.

People must recognize today’s media for what it is, an interest group with their own agenda that they are working hard to advance. Whether it’s fawning over Hillary or Obama, begging Gore to run for president, or harping on the evils of global warming, the mainstream media are working overtime to make sure we all see things their way.

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