Monday, July 30, 2007

Liberal Censorship

The first Amendment provides for freedom of speech. The Democrat controlled Congress however, is trying to get a fairness in broadcasting law passed that would limit the right to free speech to popular conservative radio talk shows. Additionally liberals are now going after Fox advertisers. Liberal political action committees like and the sierra club are trying to censor a MSM media outlet. These groups are trying to pressure corporations like home depot to stop advertising on Fox. These groups say it is hard for home depot to claim they are environmentally responsible and support fox news channel. These liberal groups say that fox is one sided. The problem is I do not hear these same groups say the same thing about the other MSM outlets who are obviously biased towards the liberal left.

The liberal left is all about free speech so long as it is patterned after their own opinions. The liberal agenda is to destroy the very ideals that make America great. The essence of America is the freedoms people have. Now it would appear that the liberal "populous" agenda will do anything it can to silence dissenting viewpoints. Is there any doubt that the liberal left will destroy this great country? The liberal left will stop at nothing in an effort to turn this great Republic into a great communism.

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