Monday, July 23, 2007

The Best America Has to Offer?

It is difficult to believe that the current crop of presidential candidates are the best America has to offer. Hillary Clinton is a closet Socialist and a hero to the likes of Hugo Chavez and the new Argentine President. Barack Obama is an opportunist who is running towards the left wing of the Democratic party, John Edwards is a pretty boy pandering to the poor even though he is a millionaire because he exploited the poor. Rudolph Giuliani's only claim to fame is that he was mayor of New York City on 9/11. Rudy is a philanderer that has nothing else to offer. John McCain is out of touch with real America and is no longer the maverick he once was. Mitt Romney has not seen a policy yet that he could not play on both sides.

What we need is a truly independent run for the presidency. It can not come from the likes of Michael Bloomberg who was a Democrat when it was convenient, A Republican when it was convenient, and now an independent because it is convenient. I believe grass roots America needs to take back their country. It starts with using our system of elections to enforce natural term limits. We need to vote out all career politicians. The problem with career politicians is that politics is a career. Their heart is not in it. They only play politics to fulfill some egocentric need. We need a middle America candidate. One that has no ties to a political party. A candidate that is not necessarily ivy league educated but rather educated through the school of hard knocks. A candidate that truly understands what ails America because they live it everyday. America believes their candidates must be "Qualified". What does that mean? Does it mean we want candidates that part of the status quo government that has done nothing for middle America?

I say no. We need a true American that has experience dealing with real problems. Stay away from candidates that are CEO's, lawyers, and career politicians. Recruit a candidate from the grass roots level that can actually accomplish something. A candidate that works with both political parties and works compromises that are win/win situations for average Americans.

A recent Fox Poll finds over half the American public wants an independent to win. The article "FOX News Poll: Third Party President Good for Country" says 67% of Americans would consider an independent for President. The time is now for an independent that represents middle America to run for president. We have to take our country back. It has been stolen from us by career politicians and a media that caters to the status quo.

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